betrieb schaefer fruchtsaefteOur company has been involved in the production of fruit juices since the 1980s. Out of conviction for "real products", we wanted to produce fruit juices with a natural taste; without adding any  substances such as color, aroma, or flavor enhancers, and chemical preservatives, just like  in  "the good old times".

"At that time, nobody could imagine this kind of processing , and it was called "a fantasy",  but I would not let go of my idea, and I was the first one to produce a naturally cloudy and natural red grape juice."

"Since this product was very well received during the tastings, I was reinforced and confirmed in my company philosophy. The following year, we also added black currant, elderberry, apple, pear, and white grape juice. And again, the feedback was positive."

After this good response to natural products, the company "Fruchtsäfte Schäfer" was founded. Since our operational strategy is also based on the biological guidelines, we converted our farm to "BIO".

betrieb schaefer fruchtsaefte 04

As the demand for good and honest products continued to grow, we expanded our range every year. Vegetable juices, fruit syrups, punch, and herbal syrups were added.

Out of my conviction, to also think of the future generations, we have developed a very large variety for every age group. Yet, the most important thing is quality!

andreas schaeferLet me convince you, and taste our natural juices, without added sugar, aromas, colouring, and additives!

As Mother Nature has created it!

My guarantee for natural quality.

us andreas schaefer